Sefa Utaki

A world heritage. The best sacred place of the AgaruUmai. A symbol of the moral culture of Ryukyu. The photograph is Sanguui. I was able to do it from a gap of the dislocation of the earthquake.

The Kudaka Yohaijo in the depths of the Sanguui of the SefaUtaki. Founder God Amamikiyo  of Ryukyu goes down the Kudaka Island seen in the offing from the best and reaches it when I get down first

[ Access ]
It is six minutes by 3.5km, car from the Teda river
[ Hours ]
From 9:00 to 18:00 (from March to October) 17:30 (from November to February)
[ Fees ]
Admission fee adult 300 yen, child 150 yen
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