Hirosaki Park (Hirosaki Castle)

Symbol of Hirosaki, Hirosaki-jo Castle trace. The castle which was built in 1611 (Keicho 16) by Nobukazu Tsugaru of the second generation. The place where it was the center of affairs of a feudal clan as a castle of Tsugaru for 260 years until establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains. A main enclosure, the outworks of a castle, outermost outworks, west district, north district, a moat or castle walls are left, and three levels of triple castle towers, Yakura, castle gates are stored as an important cultural property of the country. The inside of the castle tower displays Tsugaru arms, ancient documents related to a feudal clan as "Hirosaki-jo Castle historical materials building". The outermost outworks have "Hirosaki-jo Castle botanical garden". (closed all for the winter season). The famous place where approximately 2,600 cherry trees are in full glory in the garden. The end of April is in full bloom. Colored leaves are beautiful in autumn. The snow garden lantern Festival is held in winter, too.

[ Access ]
It is 15 minutes in Dotecho circulation BUS from JR Hirosaki Station. Bus stop Shiyakusho-mae getting off. A 1-minute walk.
[ Hours ]
The main enclosure, north district, historical materials building is from 9:00 to 17:00
[ Fees ]
From April 1 to November 23: Admission charges 310 yen. A ticket common throughout a botanical garden: 510 yen.
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