Mirokuishi Hompo Kasakuni (Vicinity of Senjuin-bashi)

It continues making the confectionery which is added the new idea in a tradition, as a purveyor to Kongobu-ji Temple since foundation. Well-known confectionery, "Mirokuishi" (110 yen/per) has excellect taste which is created by mixture the good flavor skin with puffy mashed bean jam paste. Koyatsuho (375 yen/per) which is added citrus taste in sweet bean paste, and Kurumi-mochi (110 yen/per) are also popular. Sweetened Busshukan (fingered citron) which is a kind of mandarin oranges is original product in this shop. (1,300 yen/100g). It is also sold by the piece.

[ Access ]
It is 10 minutes by Nankai Rinkan Bus from Koyasan Station. Getting off at Mirokuishi Honpo mae bus stop and immediate on foot.
[ Hours ]
From 8:00 to 18:00
[ Closed ]
Irregular days (Open New Year holidays and Lantern Festival)
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