Nakano Hompo Honten

Founding in the middle of the Edo era. A long-established store. The Usuzumi yokan of the cake of high quality. (a small bar. 700 yen ... ) white bean enters in the Matcha yokan of the myrtle green. It is like cherry blossom petals. It is a refined Japanese sweet. It was named for a fragrant wood of high quality, the Usuzumi cherry tree of Saihoji temple. (Shimoidaimachi, Matsuyama-shi). It is easy to eat. Entering in a small box. (a small box. 150 yen ....)

[ Access ]
It is a 10-minute walk from Matsuyamashi Station.
[ Hours ]
From 10:30 to 19:00
[ Closed ]
New Year's Day
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