Izakaya Tokusan

Fresh fish dishes. A single dish is substantial. The shop which is not affected. The noren of the indigo is a mark. It is indispensable to an autumn festival of Tokushima. Awa Local Speciality Dish Sugata sushi 470 yen. You can eat it here throughout the year. They open the back of Ebotai fish and a horse mackerel. Dipped it into the salt water. They soak it in citron vinegar. They fill the stomach with sushi meals. A fresh feeling of Citrus sudachi which you squeez is good. Shabu-shabu of the Naruto seaweed 600 yen. The barbecued chicken of the Awa Odori chicken (Awa Folk Dance). 420 yen for two pieces. They match Sake well.

[ Access ]
It is a 3-minute walk from Tokushima Station
[ Hours ]
from 11:30 to 13:30, from 17:00 to 23:00
[ Closed ]
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