What is Champon?

The abundant ingredients such as vegetables, meat and fishery products covering very thick noodles in cloudy thick soup. You should taste this exquisite taste that Chinese in Nagasaki brought about. There are Champon restaurants anywhere in the town, but its taste and ingredients are slightly different depending on restaurant. The new kind of Champon comes up recently. Looking for a favorite restaurant, it would be fun to eat.

[Noodles] Extremely thick noodles of Champon can not be talked without lye water. With this lye which is said to be unable to take out outside Nagasaki, characteristic chewy taste is born.

[Kanboko] Minced fish called "Kanboko" in Nagasaki that is the kamaboko is indispensable to Champon. Besides "Nagasaki Hanpen" which is the white-fleshed fish stained red with red food dye and kamaboko using the blue-skinned fish including the sardine are also used.

[Seafood] The central figure in Nagasaki having abundant marine products. This melts into soup and brings about special taste. Shrimp, squid and octopus are basic. There are seasonal taste such as scallops and oysters.

[Vegetables] Abundant vegetables make sweetness in soup. Cabbage, bean sprouts and onions are classic. In addition, Chinese chives, shiitake mushrooms and carrots are added.

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