Kishimoto Shokudo

A well-established noodle shop. Founding approximately 100 years. Mokkai Soba is famous. Grandmother of the third generation handcrafts it every day. Although handmade Mokkai Soba is popular now, this shop is the originator. The menu is simple. Soba (large 650 yen. small 500 yen.) It tastes a little sweet . As for the soup, the soup stock of the bonito works well. The noodles are rather hard. You might not forget the taste if you eat it once. It closes as soon as noodles are sold out. You want to visit there early.

[ Access ]
It is two minutes by car from the Motobu-cho government office
[ Hours ]
From 11:00 to 17:30
[ Closed ]
Wednesday (in the case of a holiday, it is open.)
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