Kobe Frantz umie mosaic shop

The shop where is familiar for "pot pudding of the Kobe magic" in the umie mosaic (1,470 yen with four). As for "the pot pudding of the Kobe magic which entered the pretty pot," fresh cream is plentiful on the heavy mushy custard. Harmony with the homemade caramel with some bitterness brings on exquisite taste. The pudding which is sold for souvenirs in Rokko store, Sannomiya store, Shin-Kobe Station store.
 In addition, "the Kobe strawberry truffle" that white chocolate made with condensed milk and the acidity of the strawberry of the freeze dry become the habit is recommended. Cute mouthful size. All the sweets made with the unique manufacturing method arranged to a showcase are individual. We have sweets and the advantageous set of the drink in the popular eat-in space, and there are many people dropping in as a break by the walk.

[ Access ]
It is an 8-minute walk from Kobe Station
[ Hours ]
From 11:00 to 20:00
[ Fees ]

[ Closed ]
Open everyday
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