A folk song bar. Diva, Yoriko Ganeko of the Okinawa folk song world plays an island song. She made her debut in "Ano umi e Kaeritai". She does a tour in Europe with Ryuichi Sakamoto. She plays an active part in the world. It is full of various visitors day after day. Monorail Asahibashi Station in Naha-shi is opposite, and there is sisters shop "Minyo Stage Utahime". (098-863-2425. 1-2-31, Makishi, Naha-shi Haisai Okinawa Building B1F)

[ Access ]
Naha Kokusai Dori Street mall foot is immediate
[ Hours ]
From 18:00 to 23:00 (stage 19:15 ..., 20:15 ..., 21:15 ...)
[ Closed ]
Year-end and New Year, Wednesday
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