Komai Family Residence

The Western-style building that the Taku Komai, Shizue couple who it was Kyoto University's emeritus professor, and was a geneticist spent 45 years. It runs early in the Showa era from last years of Taisho era, and this Kitashirakawa whole area that was a rice field is made the residential land, and it is 1927 that it was built. The design is excellent architect W.M.Vories. The bay window with a chair in the living room is characteristic and has decorativeness and utility. Furthermore, this bay window makes much of health and comfort, and take in a lot of sunlight in the room; is designed. As it becomes in full blossom with a cherry tree along the Shirakawa canal in front of the residence in spring, it is recommended to come at this time.

The living room which welcomed visitors in those days. The bay window with a sofa is practical

[ Access ]
It is a 7-minute walk from Eizan Electric Railway Chayama Station
[ Hours ]
Every Friday, Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00 (as for the entering a building ... 15:00)
[ Fees ]
500 yen
[ Closed ]
- It is the first week of September from the third week of July
- It is the end of February from the third week of December
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