Gion Shimbashi

In Gion, Shimbashi district and the Hanami kohji outskirts of the Gion corner north side are unique across Shijo-dori; is tasteful. As for the noon, north Gion Shimbashi of Shijo-dori has few opening shops, and there are more tourists in the pedestrian traffic than a local person. Most of the shops in this street are Ochaya. The tourist only passes by a street, but the scenery of the cityscape is beautiful because it is a place appointed in the traditional buildings preservation district. In the Tatsumi-bashi neighborhood with Shirakawa, there are many travelers doing at a stone pavement with ochaya of the bamboo blind taking a ceremonial photograph. A cherry tree is beautiful in spring. The place where a maiko and a geisha are seen in the same way as Hanami kohji in the evening. Pedestrian traffic considerably increases at night unlike the day.

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It is a 3-minute walk from Keihan Railway Gion-Shijo Station.
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