An approach to a shrine is a famous spot of colored leaves. It is good to look at the fallen leaves of the maple which visits first thing in the morning, and does not have the footprint. When you pass through the thatched main gate of a Buddhist temple from the approach to a shrine, there is the white sand estrade that did the water of the purge in a design in piled white sand. There are many graves of the celebrity including Junichirou Tanizaki, too. The temple is usually closed, but, in two times a year of showcases, the principal image Amitabha of the Sozu Eshin product, the fusuma picture of the Insho Domoto product are released.

[ Access ]
It is a 5-minute walk from the Minamidamachi bus stop.
[ Hours ]
Precincts of shrine: Free from 6:00 to 16:00.
Hon-dou: From 1 to 7 on April and from 1 to 7 on November showcase
[ Fees ]
An admission fee to a temple: Free (during the period of the showcase in the Buddhist monastery, there is a charge for the visit in the Buddhist monastery.)
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