Sarasa Nishijin

It was a public bath called the Fujinomori-yu founded in 1930 formerly. The relaxing space rises in a shop without still changing. When a majolica tile is put on all over the wall and sees light to come in through a skylight, you can have imagination when here was a bathroom. Under the floor of the shop, it is said that a bathtub is still left. The step to a bathhouse is just left and sees that it becomes the high compartment ceiling when you look up.

Part of partition of a men's bath and the ladies' bath is broken, and a majolica tile with a beautiful flower as a motif remains on the wall

[ Access ]
It is a 10-minute walk in front of bus Daitoku-ji Temple
[ Hours ]
From 12:00 to 23:00 (22:00 last order)
[ Closed ]
Wednesday (in the case of a holiday, open a shop)
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