Cape Soya

This is the farthest sightseeing spot where tourists want to visit once. It is 45°31'22" N and becomes the northernmost part of Japan for the place that general person can go. "The monument of the Japan's northernmost ground" stands on the tip of the cape, and other than the Rishiri Island and Rebun Island, the figure of Sakhalin island is seen in the distance of 43km over the sea. The monument designed the tetrahedron which modelled one ridge of the polestar, and a letter of N meaning the north is designed in the central part. It is a perfect spot to take a souvenir picture. As there are statue of Rinzou Mamiya and the Soyamisaki music monument in the neighboring area, let's take a walk.

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It is 50 minutes by Soya bus bound for Soyamisaki from the Wakkanai station square terminal bus stop. It is immediate on foot after getting off at the Soyamisaki bus stop (as there are limited number of buses, you need to check for the bus time for the return trip. Standby-Taxies are not available around the cape.)
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