Odori Park

Odori park is 65m in width, green belt of 1.5km in length. Approximately 90 kinds, approximately 4,700 trees are planted, and the flower bed is established than 80 places, and is full of green; a refreshing oasis. It is the meeting place of the big event including YOSAKOI Soran Festival and the Sapporo snow festival. It is got close to a citizen and a tourist throughout the year. The popular Toukibi (corn) wagon comes a lot up near west 1 - 4. In addition, the aurora town of the underground huge shopping area of west 1 - 4 spreads out. Around the shop of a fashion and miscellaneous goods, there are a cafe and a restaurant, the convenience store, too.

[ Access ]
It is immediate from subway Namboku Line Odori Station. When you use Exit 5 of subway Odori Station or Exit 6, it is appeared at most lively 3, 4.
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