What to see

Mount Racey

Service is fulfilling!

Sahoro Resort

Good layout of the balance

Hoshino Resort Tomamu

The fantastic resort where the space that is non-daily life spreads out


At the resort that can spend time relaxedly, let's thoroughly enjoy powder snow!

Kiroro Snow world

The quantity of mountaintop snow is 5m. Let's enjoy good-quality powder snow

Snow Cruise Onze

The night ski every day until 23:00! Even if you go from the afternoon, you can enjoy it

Sapporo Teine

The child and a beginner and the advanced skier are satisfactory!

Sapporo Bankei

Let's glide in the FIS official halfpipe course

Rusutsu Resort

Total run distance is 42km. The big resort that is pleasant in after

Niseko Village Ski Resort

The resort where anyone can be satisfied with regardless of a level and age